Tampa Museum of Art

120 W. Gasparilla Plaza
Tampa, FL 33602

Docent-led tours at the Tampa Museum of Art focus on connecting students with the Museum’s collections and special exhibitions. They inspire an understanding and appreciation of the visual arts. Students are encouraged to use critical thinking and viewing skills to connect the art on view with their studies and their own life experiences. Volunteer docents lead tours based on current museum pedagogical theory and classroom curricular standards.

Curriculum Connections:

Our educational tour series, titled “Art and…”, offers  different tour themes, each designed to align with a specific course curriculum. Students are encouraged to use critical thinking and viewing skills to connect with the art on view with the students’ classroom curriculum and to discover how it relates to their studies and life experiences. If you have a specific Florida Standard you would like to achieve during your visit, we are happy to work with you. Our greatest strengths are in Visual Arts, Language Arts and Social Studies (Ancient Civilizations).
Art and..Tour Themes:
Art and Looking: Look close and discover the meaning, media, and inspiration behind the artwork. Focus on modern and contemporary art and/or ancient art to have meaningful conversations about the artwork on view.
Art and Storytelling: Discover the stories behind the objects. Practice your story telling skills by examining visual representations of well-known myths and real world events and using the artwork to inspire new stories.
Art and the Ancient World: Focus on the iconography and objects of the ancient Greeks and Romans as you explore The Classical World. Learn about Greek and Roman artifacts within their artistic, social, religious, economic, and political contexts.



Tour Length:

45-60 Minutes in length and can begin as early as 10am.


The maximum number of students in the galleries at one time is 60.

Groups interested in seeing only one exhibition are capped at 30 students.

Large groups are divided into smaller groups of 10-15 and led through the galleries.

Groups larger than 60 can be accommodated by staggering lunch times in the adjacent Curtis Hixon Park.

Bus Parking:

Bus parking is conveniently located directly across from the Museum on Gasparilla Plaza.

Study Guide/Activity Guide:

Activity and study guides can be made available upon request for our antiquities collection.


For information on pricing and detailed information, please check tampamuseum.org/student-exhibitions

The bus is on us! Book a tour to the Tampa Museum of Art and through our Art Line Bus Grant program, we will cover the cost of your transportation. Art Line is made possible by the Corbett Family Foundation, the Tampa Yankees Foundation, and Suncoast Credit Union.

Reservation Instructions:

Tours must be scheduled a minimum of two weeks in advance, on a first come, first served basis.

A School Tour Request form is available on the website at www.tampamuseum.org/School-Tour-Request.

For any questions or concerns, please email education@tampamuseum.org

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