Interesting Facts…

The Hillsborough County School District is included in “Gaining the Arts Advantage: What School Districts Can and Should Do,” published by the President’s Committee on the Arts and the Humanities and Arts Education Partnership, which highlights 91 schools districts in the United States that offer arts education to all of their students.

The Hillsborough County School District and the Arts Council of Hillsborough County have been collaborating on arts in education programming since 1976.

We believe that the arts provide all of us with the knowledge and sensitivity needed to deal with the complexities of the world and are a valuable component in the educational process of molding well-rounded, articulate, compassionate and responsible citizens.

The mission and driving force of our arts in education program has been to integrate music, visual, performing and literary arts into K-12 daily instruction for all Hillsborough County students, teachers and administrators.

The Visual and Performing Arts Field Trip Program allows students to attend performances and exhibitions throughout the community. The Artists in the Schools Program places touring performing companies and professional actors, musicians, visual artists, dancers, poets, storytellers and more in the schools.

Teacher support materials are provided for all in-school and field trip experiences.

These study guides are provided to enhance the experience and support the academic curriculum.


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