Cracker Country

4800 Hwy 301 N.
Tampa, FL 33610
Phone: 813-627-4225

Cracker Country is a living history museum that represents aspects of home life, commerce and transportation as it was in many rural Florida communities just before the turn of the 20th century. Founded in 1978 and located on the Florida State Fairgrounds, Cracker Country has been offering field trips to Tampa Bay area students for over three decades. The museum offers three field trip programs:

Rural Home Life Program

Students will visit the museum and grounds and experience the world of pioneer Floridians by participating in some of their daily chores, like churning butter, making rope, dipping candles and doing laundry.

Long Ago and Today Program

Young learners will explore connections between long ago and today through play, dance, storytelling and hands-on activities. All groups will make and take home a textile craft, explore a 1917 railroad caboose and visit a turn-of-the-20th-century Florida family’s cabin.

Florida Industry Tour

What makes Florida a good place to raise cattle? What resources do we get from the forests around us? Did orange trees always grow here? Why was steam power important to 19th century Floridians? This program features visits to the Fairgrounds’ permanent exhibits: The Florida Forest Discovery Center, Florida Cattle Ranching: 500 Years of Tradition and the Power of Steam. Students will make a leather craft, experience working steam engines, explore the history of citrus and take part in activities designed to introduce them to some of Florida’s iconic industries that were shaped by the natural resources of our state.

Curriculum Connections:

Rural Home Life Program: Social Studies (American History, Economics)

Long Ago and Today Program: Social Studies (American History, Geography), Language Arts

Florida Industry Tour: Social Studies (American History, Economics, Geography), Science (Earth and Space Science, Physical Science)


Rural Home Life Program: 1-5

Long Ago and Today Program: PreK and Kindergarten,

Florida Industry Tour: 4-8.

Tour Length:

Rural Home Life Program: 2.5 hours

Long Ago and Today Program: 95 minutes

Florida Industry Tour: 2.25 hours.


Rural Home Life Program: 350 students

Long Ago and Today Program: 100 students

Florida Industry Tour: 150 students


For information on pricing and detailed information, please check

Bus Parking:

Busses enter the fairgrounds via the Orient Road service entrance and park near Gate 2.

Study Guide/Activity Guide:

Pre- and post-field trip activities are listed at

Reservation Instructions:

Programs are scheduled by reservation only.

Reservations must be made online by visiting

A deposit of $50 is required within 30 days of booking to hold program date; remainder is due on the day of the field trip visit.


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